Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daily dose of Bach

Well we’re on the cusp of March and there’s a hint of optimism in the air. Chirpy birds are busy tugging moss from our roof for their nests, my tomato seeds, snug at the bottom of the airing cupboard, have just germinated and my “Speedy Salad Leaves” in the greenhouse have finally set off at a tortoise’s pace.

I will be glad that the see-saw ride of February is over. I have relished occasionally being flipped high into the tantalising spring sunshine. Greenhouse temperatures have soared temporarily and some borders have got dug. 
What I haven’t enjoyed, is the irritatingly frequent and crashing descent back into sub-zero temperatures.

I have tried to embrace the beauty of winter. I have listened to the soothing musicality of snowflakes falling through the dry leaves of the beech hedge and noticed the percussive rattle of icy winds tugging at the palm fronds outside the kitchen window.

But mostly I have been “overwintering” in my studio with hot coffee, a warm radiator and the melodious encouragement of Radio 3. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Bees come out of their hives,
the partridge begins to pair,
the blackbird whistles and the field and woodlarks sing."

J.C.Loudon 1882 Encyclopedia of Gardening

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mixed Messages

A chicken’s footprints never fail to make me smile. 
Because they never point to where they’re going. 
Only from whence they've come. 
Obviously a conspiracy.
To outwit the fox with a cunning equal to his own!