Monday, August 22, 2011

A Holiday Romance

Shocking, I know, after 20 years of marriage, but when we casually offered to baby-sit some friends’ pigs in France this summer I honestly had no idea where it would lead.

Swapping rural Suffolk for rural France seemed almost like home from home and we were confident we could cope with 2 dozen chickens, 4 pigs, an orphaned cat, a voluptuous “potager”, and 20 shutters to close each time we left the house.  Thoughtfully, Jo and Rob took their 5 children away on holiday with them.
On arrival we were treated to delicious roast pork, from last years pigs.  After much conversation over dinner about butchering the carcasses we were relieved we had been spared the black pudding and chitterlings.
Badger, Splodge, Guinness and Babe are also destined for the freezer but are being reared affectionately... by all and sundry.  Each morning a passing neighbour would leave bag of wilted lettuce and fermenting melon skins swinging from the gate post; friends called by with sacks of windfall apples and by mid afternoon the builder was already salivating at the thought of home made sausages on the barbeque that night.
It didn’t take long for the pigs to work their magic on me.  I loved their excited squeals as they saw me picking my way over thistles towards their field and the greedy smacking of lips as I tossed them bruised pears. Tit-bits devoured, they lined up, fixing me with their intelligent eyes, necks craning and noses dangerously close to my white linen shorts, begging me to scratch their backs. Smitten, I don’t know who was grinning more.


  1. Brilliant! Really brought a smile to my face! Fond memories of my cousins pigs and observing their streamlined design as they entered the world for the first time!! Useful and highly intelligent little characters as they grew up too!!!

    Will I be seeing one or two being added to the livestock at Orchard House in the near future??

  2. You have read my mind Mary... and caught me googling pig breeds.


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