Monday, February 27, 2012

ready.. steady.. sow

Oh, how the gentle warmth of the sun on our backs coaxes us all out of our shells. After a snail’s pace start to the year, at last it’s time to savour the child-like thrill of tucking tiny seeds into the soil with all the hope, anticipation and crossed fingers in the world. 
I have just sown lettuce, spinach, pak choy and mustard under cloches while self sown purple orach is already popping up all over the garden.

Every year I aspire to plant my veg with the phases of the moon. The excellent Gardening by the Moon website explains clearly and briefly the logic behind the theory. 
In reality, I am never organised enough and have to confess that it was a happy accident that I had time to sow some leafy veg this weekend, while the moon was in its first quarter. I also sowed some cucumbers in the greenhouse, which contrary to other seedy fruits also benefit from a waxing moon. Fantastic, I can already visualise the resulting bumper crops!

Parsnips, carrots and celeriac have been pencilled in for sowing on 11th March as the moon begins to wane after full moon. Hold me to it!

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