Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red White and Blue

With four fabulous days of Jubilee celebrations at an end, I’m pleased to say my garden put on a fair splash of red, white and blue in support. While not ideal for hanging around on a boat, in a fancy hat, the rain showers combined with bonus bank holidays, did at least yield perfect weeding conditions.

Oblivious to the royal hubbub, Gabriella, my very old and favourite but quite tottery of late chicken, tucked her head under her wing for the final time this weekend. Now, the well known dish ‘Coronation Chicken’ (cold chicken in a mildly curried sauce) was invented for Her Majesty’s celebrations on 2nd June 1953. It did cross my mind (very fleetingly), it might be fitting to serve up Gabby for the Jubilee.... but she’d be a tough old bird, and after all, she was my friend, so we went for ‘Cremation chicken’ on the bonfire, with all the weeds.


  1. My daughter found your book at our local library and we have both fallen in love with it! Your art work is beautiful and your recipes sound delicious. We will be trying many of them and I am sure loving most! Sorry about your chicken. We had 8 of them and just loved them.

    1. Thank you so much, hope you enjoy the book. I always try to see the passing of a chicken as the best excuse to get a new one!!


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