Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New names for the register

Monday morning only really gets going once I’ve brewed some coffee and opened the post. This week a special delivery put an extra skip in my step... four appropriately packaged, lovingly reared, but surplus to requirement chickens.... live! 

I felt rather like a headmistress welcomimg the new boarders to the coop and showing them the ropes.
As nervous new girls, the four stick firmly together. Current head boy “Johns Junior” has been parading his best strut and prefect “Jenny” enjoys stamping her authority with a sharp peck. 

Reproved, “Nifty” the white one darts across the orchard at a spirited pace. Definitely one for the hockey team. While “Fifty” the largest of the brown trio keeps a sisterly eye on the smaller “Binky” and “Alex”, aware that they have been nudged out of the dinner queue... again. 
By nightfall however the dorm is quiet, with no absentees, so I think we’re all going to get on fine.

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