Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Binky is a small brown hen

Three weeks ago Binky went missing. 
She was absent from the evening register and nowhere to be seen at breakfast.
There were two salient possibilities -

a) she had come up against a hungry fox
b) she was concealing a teenage pregnancy

Fortunately it turned out to be the latter. I found her sitting on a clutch of eighteen eggs.
Now at this time of year she could have chosen to nestle down in any number of picturesque locations, framed by any flavour of blossom....
 there's cherry or
 malus or
 ornamental pear or
 acer or

But no! I am forced to divulge an unsightly corner of the garden, where beyond the emerging cow-parsley and the smiling primroses there is a corroding oil tank swathed in an unsightly tarpaulin. It rests on two ivy clad brick piers between which Binky found her covert sanctuary.
So far we have one little black chick “Diesel” 

....and you wouldn’t believe how many times a day I’m checking to see if any more have hatched!!

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