Friday, September 12, 2014

London Fashion Week… for Chickens

Hello, I’m Peggy MBE *

To coincide with London Fashion Week I’m proud to unveil my latest plumage. When I arrived at Mary’s coop some weeks ago I’ll admit that after a year of barn life with no direct sunlight I was due for a bit of a makeover.

Hulanicki, (who's a bit of a diva), was only too eager to rise to the challenge of giving me a few styling tips. She's quite a stunner. Passionate about the black and white Op art of the sixties, she can carry off shockingly bold designs with her slim figure and catwalk swagger. 

For me, fortunately, she toned things down a bit. I’m at that stage in life where a 'tunic to cover the tummy' is so much more flattering. Call it real fashion, for real fowl.

So, tah dah... I hope you like my textured layers, topped off with cheeky dip-dyed tail feathers! 

…job well done!

* I am named in memory of a dear friend. Peggy had been awarded an MBE for a lifetime of fundraising for sick children. 
Mine too is for services to the community... an egg a day for as long as I can remember.


  1. Well Peggy, you will be in for a treat, but you will have to be smart - Free Range, will have some boundaries within Orchard House terrritory and Mary is pretty smart about fencing off her special areas that will be so inviting to you especially when you see that wonderfully rich soil, expectantly stashed full of goodies!!. But an egg a day, sounds like a fair deal to me and perhaps Mary will share some of those treats with you. Your eggs will I am sure are full of richness - with so many rich pickings!! So enjoy yourself, even if Hulanicki is in a different league to you!

  2. Best runway model ever! How lovely she is named in memory of a friend. The world needs more gorgeous models like this!


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