Friday, October 10, 2014

Summery Summary

October is a see-saw month, decay and germination going hand in hand. 

Apart from the courgettes, resolutely producing tiny new fruits, summer crops are coming to an exausted end. 
(I am not cross with the courgettes. I know they are an emotive subject but I have honestly enjoyed sneaking them into all my sauces and curries over the summer!)

Contrary to the desire to slacken the pace though, there’s garlic, shallots, beans and winter salads to be sown, at the very least. 
If I dare to sit down for a few minutes and glance at the gardening section of the weekend papers my 'TO DO' list puts on new growth accordingly.

So, sneakily just before the weekend, here’s a snapshot of some of that lovely summer produce. 

And tomorrow I’ll tackle that list!

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