Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Joy of Thursday Afternoons

‘The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials’ Thoreau

Thursday afternoon, mid December. The winter light is fading already, but that does not deter the grey anoraks, 
who like a flock circling their prey are gathering, in anticipation, at the local auction preview. 

The lack lustre dress code conceals a lifetime of antiquarian expertise. And anyway, anoraks have enough pockets to house simultaneously a robust tape measure, notebook, magnifying glass, pencil stub and knitted hat.

One enthusiast stoops to run his hand over the cabriole leg on an 18th century chaise longue while his wife fondly embraces a Coalport gravy jug. She's transported to her grandmother's dresser. 

A character in ox-blood corduroys is fascinated by Lot no. 2150
"An early 20th century taxidermy of a rabbit riding a muzzled fox." Really?

Lot no. 1574 "Two book presses, an antler and a leatherette bag."
This is beginning to feel like the props list for an intriguing drama.

My friend and I are discussing our wish lists. 
I am rather tempted by a box of battered old brass escutcheons. 
They have beautiful curves. I would like to tweak them into bird sculptures. 
I would need to find the time… and learn how to solder….
On reflection, they probably fall into the non-essential category... so I’m going pass them by. 

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