Friday, January 8, 2016

The veg man cometh

Every Friday morning farmer Geoffrey sets up his vegetable stall in town. His veg are the best. He doesn’t seem to mind getting up before dawn and numbing his fingers to the bone to bring us the freshest possible bounty. This is a great comfort to me.

I am more of a haphazard grower. I sowed my sprouting broccoli way too late so won’t have any crops this spring. I could feel very disappointed because it’s my favourite vegetable, but Geoffrey already has mounds of fresh green florets on his stall. Exemplary!

I caught him lost in thought between customers...

“Morning Geoffrey, Happy New Year, you look pensive”

His eyes regained focus and he puckered his eyebrows

“What did you call me?” he asked

“pensive” says I

“I’ve never heard of that one....”

“Oh, it means thoughtful, from the french verb ‘penser’, to think. ”

“Ahhh” he sighs “so it’s not a Suffolk word, no wonder I haven’t heard of it!”.

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