Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wonderful weeds

"Weeding is a delightful occupation, especially after summer rain, when the roots come up clear and clean. One gets to know how many and various are the ways of weeds - as many almost as the moods of human creatures. How easy and pleasant to pull up are the soft annuals like Chickweed and Groundsel, and how one looks with respect at deep-rooted things like Docks, that make one go and fetch a spade." 
Gertrude Jekyll

Sadly, I barely had to venture further than a few yards from my back door to gather this assortment of weeds. I would have preferred to boast that I had to search high and low and long and hard to find them. 
Jekyll is right, they are many and various.... and fascinating to observe closely. So many different leaf shapes and growth habits. 
How wonderful is our native British flora... just not in my flower border please! 

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