Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Welcome to the wild flowers

"Nothing is a better lesson in the knowledge of plants than to sit down in front of them, handle them and look them over just as carefully as possible; and in no way can each study be more pleasantly or conveniently carried on than by taking a light seat to the rock-wall and giving plenty of time to each kind of little plant, examining it closely and asking oneself, and it, why this and why that." Gertrude Jekyll

In my previous post on weeds, I was perhaps a bit harsh in my condemnation, coloured by a long day of filling my barrow with unwanted vegetation. A weed is, after all, merely a wild flower in the wrong place. 

There are plenty of wild flowers that unbidden weave their seductive charm through my garden and I cherish them for that. 
I promise they won't end up in my barrow... unless they get too unruly!

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